Born in Japan, Tamae Frame is a sculptor who works with ceramics. Her work represents her inner experiences, where she uses the female figures as fodder to deliver subject’s state of mind.

She can express different styles to convey her ever-changing inner world. One of those styles is her minimalistic approach in depicting her subject. Her aim is to represent its spiritual context; the bald-headed female nude figure is the spiritual body expressed as simple as possible.

Tamae also creates human-like creatures. She portrays the sculptures’ psychological states by adding thorns, horns, or other living things on their body parts. For example, the creature holding an egg who has a thorny back , which symbolizes the defensive instinct, is protecting her possession the environment.

Tamae takes advantage of the three-dimensional art form to impart her message and some of her work will need to view from different angles to get their full meaning.